What TRAINING Means To Me

So recently I was honored by getting another article published on EliteFTS which is HUGE for me. I’m greatly appreciative and hope I can continue to supply more training articles to them in the future as I plan on pumping out more and more articles without ever thinking about slowing down!

Of course when ever you post an article anywhere on the net these days, you’re going to get the haters commenting in with their “expert knowledge” on how my article is all wrong and how much better they are and yadda yadda yadda…

You know that’s totally fine with me because I know exactly what I’m capable of producing.  I’ve never let the haters out there or any other peeps that oppose what I’m trying to do stop me before! Why start now?

I’m well aware of my capabilities to get the job done when it comes to getting results for not only myself but more importantly, for my athletes and clients. 

I’m 110% confident in what I do and I BELIEVE in myself!!

I can care less about what some COWARD out there has to say about my training methods and ideas.  They can bash on them as much as they want.  Actually I encourage it!

Letter to the haters…  PLEASE Keep bashing my methods and ideas on training because that will forever keep me fueled up with fire to unleash even more results as time goes on….


Travis Stoetzel – April 10th, 2011

I know that most of these keyboard assassins wouldn’t stand a chance within my gym walls.  They can continue to hide behind a computer screen while they wither away feeling sorry for themselves.

The TRUTH: I’m not afraid to mix things up a bit when it comes to training.  I threw out going by the books a long time ago and you know what has happened since then???

More STRENGTH, MUSCLE, and POWER than ever before!!!

Why would you ever want to bash a certain type of training anyways?  This is insane!  Especially if you’re a REAL strength coach!  All forms of training are useful for some reason or another.

The beauty is seeing and learning how you can blend these types of methods together for maximum results!

Just like the great Bruce Lee and his infamous Jeet Kun Do philosophy for Mixed Martial Arts, my type of training takes all that is useful and discards what isn’t.

Never will I completely rule out a type of training in thoughts of it being unuseful. (Except for Zumba…  jk)

Just a fact about training smart, some training styles will be used more dominantly than others.  It all depends on what your specific goal or outcome for training is.  Fat loss, muscle gain, strength, athletics, will all have different mixes of training since all have a little bit different of an outcome.  That’s just how it is!

I do believe its essential to have the background in basic training philosophies and anatomy so you at least have some clue as to what you’re doing.  But nothing with ever beat real world training experience and results.  This is both by training yourself and others!

I for one, have NEVER put an athlete or client through something I’ve never personally been through myself.   I walk the walk! That is a personal promise I’ve made to myself to which if I ever fall off track and get out of shape myself, I will force myself to retire from the strength game.  I must LIVE THE LIFE!

Any strength coach out there that doesn’t train themselves isn’t a true strength coach and should probably think about switching to another profession!

If there’s one thing that I can guarantee I rank up within the 99.9% amongst the other top strength coaches out there, it would be for PURE PASSION FOR TRAINING.

I don’t care what way shape or form I train only as long as I get to train and I get to train hard!

Having my own gym for the last few years has really been a blessing as now there’s absolutely NOBODY that can tell me what I can and cannot do in my own gym.

The bottom line is that training and the never ending journey of new knowledge and development within training will forever be a part of my life.

I will forever be a student of strength. Never will I be the strongest, fastest, most explosive, or even the most knowledgeable coach out there.  But one thing I know to be true in my mind that will always remain true, is that I’ll always be one passionate SOB about training!

Training hard as a Mo Fo (H.A.M.) and giving it everything I have each and every session will always DEFINE me.   Training for me allows me to truly be alive and LIVE!

Whether I be pouring sweat on a 110 degree day, struggling to deadlift a new PR, pushing on to just one more final round, or gasping for one more breath while running uphill sprints, training for me means to be truly FREE!

The struggle for more lean muscle, power, and raw strength will forever live on!

Who ever wants to come along for the ride and train without worries with full intent on giving it everything they have is welcome to join.
All the fake haters out there that don’t live the life and hide behind walls hidden from the real world, need to get the hell outta of our way because we’re not going to be stopped!

Relentless to the end!

I am training and training is me!

Try to beat my passion if you dare!

Live Aggressive and Get Strong!

Feel free to drop a comment and let me know what TRAINING MEANS TO YOU!

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  • Strahinja

    I always say this and I mean it!
    Out of many great coaches outhere, YOU are the BEST in my opinion!
    YOU are great inspiration to me and YOU keep me motivated.
    I couldn’t imagine my life without training.
    It helped me build stronger not just body but my mind too!!!
    It’s a great feeling and I wouldn’t change it for anything!
    As you say, we can NEVER be satisfied where we are!

    • forgedstrength


      THANKS for the kind words bro!

      Keep getting better all the time! I appreciate you commenting in and following my stuff!

      BIG future ahead!

  • edward flores

    What training means to me:
    EVERYTHING!!!! Without it I wouldn’t be happy with myself. That transfers over to everyday life. The fitter you are the happier you are. So you know what? To all the haters out there cyberspace… KICK ROCKS SUCKA’S!!! Travis your a true athlete!

  • arpit patel

    o boy……this is your best post I’ve ever read. Just want to say that I have hardly seen anybody training like you with passion. As for the haters…they suck.
    “The struggle for more lean muscle, power, and raw strength will forever live on!” Well said ….*chills*

  • Aaron

    Screw the haters! They usually are pussies with nothing better todo then to try to light up,dis-credit, or just plain attack some one that has what they lack. Passion, drive, momentum, ass kicking!

    They just don’t understand how to be awesome and give all that they have. Thanks as always for keeping another 99.9% strength coach pumped boss.
    We def need to get a workout in if I am ever near you or you are anywhere new slc Utah peace.

    • forgedstrength

      Aaron – would love to bro! Utah huh? Gotta get out your way! Keep rolling!

  • Shane

    Great article! Training is makes life complete. Training injects CONFIDENCE. I remember the time when I was too young to drive and tried sneaking my moms car out at 530 am to go workout (I wrecked a garbage can and my dad just so happened to be going to work at the same time) that didn’t stop me! While some of my friends are spending their money on ding dongs and pepsi Im spending mine on protein, and metabolic cookbooks! If you don’t train you become weak and the weak things get kicked to the curb. There is no substitute for strength and no excuse for the lack of it!!!! ALL OUT WAR!!!! Add another Utah guy to the list of people you are helping to motivate each day. Keep it up beast!

  • daniel

    Hey dude! awesome post as usual, thanks a lot for all ur knowledge, ur post and videos really help average guys like us to achieve killing results like u have done .. stay tuned ..c ya

  • steve

    help me to start over and change my life

  • Craig

    Let the haters talk, they cant walk our walk. At my gym they have clowns look and laugh when I do a circuit of barecrawls, crabwalks, duckwalks, and duckjumps from your bags bells and bodyweight manuel. I’m on week 2 and people stare every time at the non conventional training. IF they got off their lazy ass and would try it they’d see how hard it is! The funny part is I weigh 162 pounds and am stronger and leaner than all the people in there lifting for hours. When are you coming down to New Orleans bro? Need to get a good training in. I have BIG tire, mall, kb, and sandbags(homemade), and Barbarian Ropes!

  • Craig

    Let the haters talk, they cant walk our walk. At my gym they have clowns look and laugh when I do a circuit of barecrawls, crabwalks, duckwalks, and duckjumps from your bags bells and bodyweight manuel. I’m on week 2 and people stare every time at the non conventional training. IF they got off their lazy ass and would try it they’d see how hard it is! The funny part is I weigh 162 pounds and am stronger and leaner than all the people in there lifting for hours. When are you coming down to New Orleans bro? Need to get a good training in. I have BIG tire, mall, kb, and sandbags(homemade), and Barbarian Ropes! Hope to train with you one day

  • EGA

    You seem to have it right! Just keep on keeping on! You remember the quote “…you can’t please all of the people all of the time….”

  • marc

    Travis, what a great blog today. Whether I’m at school at work or at the gym or spending time with my family I always try to live the code. I am glad I have guys like you, zach, and Elliott in my corner. So much mentoring and training tips and let’s not forget the life tips. I truely believe I am a better man from emulating the three of you. Much respect and keep it up, the truth is we need guys like you to push the envelope. In fact I plan on doing just that. Haters will always try to steer us in the wrong direction and will try to bring us down. I refuse to let that happen. I am having the time of my life training with underground methods and I am never looking back. It’s funny you talked about blending different types of training, I have been wanting to do this and you just made it a reality for me. I am hittingthe gym with a vengence tomorrow screw that today and gonna hit some new Pr’s. Now I’m all fired up. Thanks for the blog and see you sometime.

  • Ronnie

    Travis…I love your philosophy not just on training but on life…..I’m 61 and have been working out since I was 13 going through trial and error with keeping what works for my body and getting rid of the excesses…..So excited to hear how trainers like you are evolving and getting the word out….Thank you for these fabulous blogs…..

    • forgedstrength

      Hey Ronnie,

      Thanks for stopping by and reading up! I appreciate the feedback bro! It’s just the way to go – 100% H.A.M. NO EXCUSES! 😉

  • tonytrainer

    Heys thx 4 representing and keeping it 100% real. Training for me means alot, if I don’t train I am weak and I cannot afford to be weak b/c when you are weak u get taken advantaged of. I can’t ever let that happen so I train hard and train consistent. We need to show the haters that action is more important than cheap words, also being a strong role model to the young bloods is just as important. Make sure they learn the right way of doing things and that hard work will eventually pay off.Thanks and keep on keeping on and keep the training articles coming.

    • forgedstrength

      I 110% agree with everything you just said Tony!

      Keep living Aggressive bro!

  • Kory Knowles


    Here are a couple thoughts on your passionate post:

    Haters don’t hate you. They hate themselves because you’re a reflection of what they wish to be.

    The greatest ignorance is to reject something you know nothing about

    Keep doing what you are doing. Your ideas have gotten me passionate about doing the insanely hard workouts again and I thank you.


    • forgedstrength

      Good stuff Kory!

      I’m happy top hear you’re going H.A.M. again!

      Let’s keep it that way!

  • Frank A

    When I was in the Army stationed in Panama, the Brigade commander would say “Training is everything, and everything is training.” For me, this meant that everything is a learning experience – whether in the gym, in the field, at home, anywhere. What can I “do’, not think about, that will make my life fun and happy. And when I apply something and it doesn’t feel right, what did I learn from it so I don’t repeat it.

    So I can say that I am doing my best to live H.A.M. to have fun and enjoy life.

    • Admin


      Great info right there! Thanks for sharing man.

      If you’re not happy, there’s not a whole lot in life.

      ALWAYS 110% H.A.M.

  • Cathi

    Training has changed my life round. I used to have low self esteem and depression (even though at the time I just didn’t realise it!). A day without training for me is a day with something seriously missing. I intend to just keep on getting fitter and fitter, age does not concern me nor illness as I know from inside my soul that good exercise, positive mindset and clean food is the way. I too have to try everything (bar Zumba, agreed on that one! Oh, and plodding a treadmill for hours on end). I am an outline of a drawing and will spend the rest of my life colouring in the unfinished bits with new knowledge and happiness. Looking forward to learning more from you. SUPERB post. Thank you.

    • Admin

      Very cool Cathi!

      Thanks for dropping your thoughts!

  • Alan

    In the SOG we had a saying. Train hard now bleed less later, mental and physical!!!! Put the time in and the reward is ten fold…..Travis I like your thought process. It’s basic and straight to the point, be yourself, never quit ever and train HAM everyday. You don’t boost, you just do it. You win from with-in. Train your body and your brains and life can grow leaps and bounds. Training should enhance your life, open your mind and help you become your best. I train because I wanna become better every day, every second for my Country, for my Family, and for myself. So haters, suck it. If you mess with the wolf, you get the fangs.

  • Lukas

    Great words from a great person,i love your barbell complex’s and i like a lot your emails:)All best from Poland!!!

  • Tim

    Training to me is like breathing. If you were to take it away from me I wouldn’t survive. It keeps me revitalized and charged up so I can face the challenges the day has to offer. Lifting heavy s@#t is good for the ego as well. Anyway you a positive thing going there Travis and hope to see more exciting posts. Thanks for time.

  • Miko Dee

    My parents always said, “Use it or Lose it.” To me that applied to everything. Body, Mind and Spirit must be exercised or they cease to function.
    Make your supporters proud, and your haters jealous.