Train Hard. Train Smart. DON’T Be a Dumbass.

I got an email from a guy the other day telling me he was unsubscribing from my email list because I’m a little “too aggressive, go hard, NO excuses, ra, ra, ra”! 

Yeah I’m intense and I promote HARD WORK and AGGRESSIVE BEHAVIOR.

He then went on to say that he can get that type of talk anywhere and with the “reckless mindset” I have, it’s all too common to find people getting hurt…

That fine he left my list.  Doesn’t bother me one bit.  I only want link-minded individuals following me and at the end of the day, I’m going to do what I do and preach what I preach…

This video is my response…

My major points when it comes to training are these:

TRAIN 110% H.A.M.




Don’t be a DUMBASS.

It’s always good to train hard and push yourself, but know YOUR limits.  Don’t do dumbshit.

I would like to hear your thoughts and comments so leave them below!


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  • Martin

    Look man, the stuff you do is advanced it is hard. If someone is going to “Join Up” they should already have a good base. I’ve been weight training for 24 years but I had to adjust my sights to be on target with what is presented here. If you’ve never done a muscle-up (me) should you wreck your shoulders jumping in to try one or should you master 20 strict chest/shoulders-over the bar pullups first? IDK figure it out Dummy! I see people squatting outside the rack not using pins horrid form ( you know typical gymrat noob stuff) because they either are big and want to show off instead of showing proper or they’re small and think that’s the way to get to be “one of THE GUYS” the fastest. I’ve learned a lot from your posts and look forward to “integrating” your protocols into what I do already. My first weight belt that I got at 15 ( which still fits and works great) says “NEVER SATISFIED” because even back then I understood, this is an amazing body that GOD has given you and it is a lifelong process pursuing Physical/Psychological/Physiological/Spiritual Completeness. You never have just “arrived” you can always do better so don’t be SATISFIED. It’s OK to get tired, It’s NOT OK to QUIT. Figure it out people and come back here when you can figure out how to use what is presented here within the realm of “YOUR ABILITIES”!!!

    • forgedstrength


      Great points man!

      That’s one thing I want people to understand here… YES – I promote some crazy workouts but that doesn’t mean that you should go out and try it if you’re way out of shape.

      That’s common sense.

      But, no matter what level you’re at, you’ve got to GO HARD at your level!

      I like the “NEVER SATISFIED” slogan.

      Acknowledge your successes and triumphs, but make sure to get right back on track to making more progress.

      Thanks for the great thoughts Martin!

  • Hudson

    Your mindset is awesome, and i dont know why someone would say people get hurt. You always workout with as close to perfect form as possible and I can definitely relate to your “Go HARD!” attitude. I guess some people are just different, but they need to understand that you get results, for you and your clients, and you achieve that in both a smart and hardcore way.

    • forgedstrength

      Yes sir!

      Thanks for posting up Hudson!

  • Derrick

    When I played college football, my coach told us one time at practice “Y’all can be a bunch of nice guys off the field but when your on the field I want a bunch of mother fuckers out there!!!” that’s the mentality you have to have when I comes to training. You have to go H.A.M. What’s the purpose of training at a low level, you must push yourself. The guy unsubscribing is gonna miss out on a lot maybe he wants someone to baby him and tell him to take it easy but I wanna know what he’s gonna do months down the line when he realizes he was wrong? He’ll probably resubscribe

    • forgedstrength

      Damn, reading that makes me think about what my old wrestling coach and dad talked about.

      I LOVE it!

      And Yes, that is his choice. Unfortunate…

      Thanks for posting up bro!

  • Carla Vice

    Travis you are the shiznet! I would love to be able to train as hardcore as you being a former athlete, I can’t use all of the training you put out, but I do enjoy reading your KICK A$$ newsletters.
    I can’t see most videos which sucks, but I like the substance!
    You can’t please everyone! YOU ROCK “T”!

    • forgedstrength

      Ha ha!

      Thanks Carla!

  • matt

    I think you said it best when you you said
    “The way I train is not for everyone.”
    It’s true. Nothing wrong with that. Those people just have to find what is right for them. Tearing you down, because of they cannot train aggressive, just shows how weak they really are – not only in strength, but in mind also.
    I can’t thank you enough for your advice and attitude. It is helping to create the new me – stronger, better !

    • forgedstrength

      Good stuff Matt!

      Thanks for the thoughts!

      H.A.M. all the way brother!

  • John Cintron


    You just keep doing what you are doing. We don’t need any whiny crying babies here anyway. I am writting something on the things that I did that helped me get the results I wanted be doing all the things you have said here. I will send it to you before I post it on the forum. It will have all the things that you say to do that is why I thrive on your program .


    • forgedstrength

      Very cool JC,

      I’m looking forward to it

  • http://Aggresive,HardcoreStrength Nelson

    No need to explain…Travis, When I subscribed to your web page, it was because of your intensity in going HAM. Training 101 is on other sites. keep up the awesome work your doing. You have the Forged Athelete family behind you all the way. ( What Do You Want, What Are You Willing To Do )… Stop Complaining and Start Training…Herc.

    • forgedstrength


      Telling it like it is!

      Always love you comments man!

      Keep kicking ass!

  • Daniel

    Who ever told you that obviously was new to working out this way or just a bitch. There is nothing one wants to do more than progress in a workout and you can’t do that without pushing yourself every time, but of course that 110% threshold is different for everyone, and you need to understand that to be able to go hard. If people dont see that then, amazing things are not in their future.

    • forgedstrength


      This is true bro.

      You can’t be scared to go over the edge just a little bit every now and then.

  • eric

    “Get hurt”? Hey Travis, I have been following you for about a year now and the results have been amazing. Prior to following you and your programs I suffered from very bad lower back pain. After a year of training harder and more aggressive than I have in 20 years, I have become stronger, faster, and in the best shape of my life. Most importantly, I have no more lower back pain or any of the issues that were attributed to the pain. This guy obviously has no idea what he is talking about. Please, for all of us who follow and believe in you, keep tearing shit up!!!!!!

    • forgedstrength

      AMEN Eric, AMEN!

      You are a straight up soldier! Keep leading by example man!

      I appreciate ALL of your hard work and dedication!

  • Tyler

    Coach Laux was a wise man.

    • forgedstrength


      He had straight FIRE in his eyes when he told me that! My dad also said the same thing.

      When coach Laux told me that, it was before a finals match against a guy that beat me a few weeks before in the finals at another tourney.

      Long story short, I went out there, shot a double leg, picked him up, slammed his ass down and stuck him before he even knew what the f*Ck just happened.

      I believe that was my fastest pin ever… That guy was a Kansas state champ too…

  • Matt

    Yeah, I completely agree with you hear. Our training methodologies don’t match up exactly, but our mindsets do. I get so pissed off when people say that going 110% HAM is dangerous. It’s like: “It’s what the human body was ****ing made to do!”.

    • forgedstrength

      Can’t AGREE with you more Matt

      We were made to push the limits.

      If you never push your limits you are NOT LIVING…

  • Larrybarbarian

    Travis – you are absolutely correct – mindset is 90% of the key to success. I’ve learned it training with you. And if someone uses poor technique, they put themselves at risk of injury. I’ve done that and learned from it. As you instruct – learn proper technique first, follow a solid plan, and hit it progressily harder. Break your own records and you will succeed. Training hard and agressively is how we grow. If you only do what’s easy, there will be no progression. Pathetic that people who want an easy way out complain and blame others with nonsensical bullshit to make themselves feel better.

    • forgedstrength


      You are a BEAST!

      Can’t wait to have you back in the gym bro!

      Make sure you’re hammering the nutrition – 110% FOCUS with that!

      Great reminder – learn proper technique first, follow a solid plan, and hit it progressily harder. Break your own records and you will succeed.

  • Martin

    Look, if you can’t use common sense to at the very least ‘integrate’ some of what is presented here or at….THEN GO AWAY!! If you’ve never achieved a muscle-up should you go after it “all out” and risk injury to your shoulders? Or should you work at perfecting 20 CHEST/SHOULDERS above the bar pullups and THEN progress to rolling your wrists? Never be satisfied with your development. It’s OK to get tired, it’s not OK to Quit.

    • forgedstrength

      Good stuff Martin

      Thanks for posting up bro! Keep going H.A.M.

      I know I DON’T have to remind you…

  • Aleece

    Today’s society is conditioned to find the easy diet, easy workout, etc. in essence an easy way of life. So when someone like you comes along and motivates others to train hard and be successful? People like that guy can’t have an excuse anymore. And you and your supporters are constant reminders. Your programs always incorporate safety (i.e. warmups, videos on form, etc.). Never have you said or even implied to go at it without regard for injury etc.
    I like what QB Drew Brees says “You have to push past your perceived limits. You have to push past that point that you thought was as far as you could go. Once you push past that, you remake your confidence.” This isn’t limited to pro athletes. We do that in all walks of life..job, kids, saving money, creating ideas, making new products etc. Challenging one’s self is how we improve. We would be in the dark ages if people didn’t push themselves past the point they thought they could go. So keep doing what you’re doing. As the saying goes, “When you have haters, that means you are doing something right.”

  • chris tibbs

    Travis between your workouts and you nutrition info I pick and choose what I will take from it.What works for you may not work for me but the advice you give is very usefull so I take it all in and sift through it and take what I want from it.For instance you introduced me to paleo which has changed my life but I still eat dairy and I always will.but my diet is 90% better than it was.I enjoy taking on the challenges that you push but its my body and only I know if I am ready for it or not.Keep up the good work Travis and to the guy who quit you emailing list I think he should check out zumba…live strong.

  • dennis

    It’s obvious he’s one of “those guys” that just does the workout without thought and planning. You gotta be smart with your workouts like you say. I’ve been fortunate enough to work with a handful of trainers at a low cost and learned properly. And the friends and people like yourself(via online) help motivate, push and progress each workout! I love your workouts. But when I see you OHSP 200# or whatever for a ton of reps. I know I cant do that, so I start where I’m solid in the movement and go 110% there. Just as any individual should. He’s a dumbass! Your a coach. You do a great job with everything you put out there. Keep it up dude. The success you give is great.

  • Mollie

    I have NO clue what you said in the video. Too bad it’s not closed captioned but who cares. Ever since I stepped into your gym, I am in LOVE with your workouts. When I am finished with my part at your gym, I’m gonna continue receiving your emails because you motivate me like no other. keep up your awesome and aggressive work!! :)


    Travis my man, your approach to workouts angers me and I’ll tell you why… After applying your philosophy and training H.A.M I realized I have waisted so much money and precious time on senseless workouts that nearly makes me cry… But I am a big boy and I learn from my mistakes, so whenever my brain yells that training H.A.M is too hard… The reply is ” I got no time for fruty workouts, so shut up and let’s go for one more round. Keep it up man. ” Pain is temporary, quitting last forever”.

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