Steroid Truth (Friday Q and A)

So I’ve gotten bombarded the last few weeks with questions that involve Steroids…

Not sure why but maybe it’s a yearly thing…

It’s the Holidays and maybe some of these people are looking for gift ideas???

I sure hope not!

Anyways, I have a few different Q and A’s below for you.

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1st Question – What do you recommend taking RIGHT after a workout?  What would help aid in recovery the best?

Well first off, a few things you should focus on in addition to your Immediate post workout nutrition is the food you put into your body about 20-30 mins after you train.

I would focus on mostly LEAN proteins and complex carbs.  If you’re on the Paleo train, things like berries would be a good add in for post workout.  Berries supply a ton of complex carbs that your body will use ASAP.

This type of eating would be solid for BEFORE your workout as well.

Just stick to this type of FORMULA:

Pre/ Post Workout (30mins -1 Hour):

  • Low to NO Fats
  • LEAN Proteins (Chicken, Egg Whites, Turkey, Fast Digesting Protein Powder)
  • Complex Carbs (Berries, Root Veggies, Green Leafy Veggies)

Now, that’s a breakdown of what you can be eating for your post workout meal.  Like I said, that’s usually 20-30 mins after your done training.

NOW, for your IMMEDIATE post workout nutrition should be something that digests super quick.  For this, I take BCAA’s and sometimes I’ll mix in Athletic Greens.

Here’s a video to explain….

Now that we got that question answered, let’s get into some TRUTH!

Question #2 concerns the use of steroids.   Should you take them and what are my thoughts about them???

Over the last few weeks I’ve been getting questions from young athletes as well as other serious lifters looking for an answer about whether or not steroids or other pre-hormone performance enhancing drugs are OK to take….

Quick answer – HELL NO! 

I’ll let this video explain my answer in more detail…


Bottom Line – Work Your F*cking Ass Off! 

With HARD WORK will come RESULTS.  When you achieve RESULTS you will have HATERS…  Haters are people that WISH they had what YOU have but are not willing to work for it so in turn, they try to bring you down to their level…


Stick to what YOU do…  DO the RIGHT thing…  WORK HARD and the rest will settle itself…

PLEASE TELL ME – What are YOUR Thoughts and COMMENTS on Steroids???  Let’s hear what YOU have to say.

Live Aggressive and Get Strong! 

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  • Tommy

    Absolutely not – Steroids will mess you up.

  • Lukezius

    To me it is disgusting to even think of putting some chemistry into my body (with exception of medicine).

  • matt

    Yo Trav. Good discussion here. Agree with you wen you say its there choice. There is no way in H?_L I would ever consider that stuff. I have had some peeps give me the whole steroid call. All of these peeps werent in good shape and didn’t train hard.
    Like you say they are the haters. Cheers for the vid

  • Peter

    Great post Travis,
    I wouldn’t even consider steriods but the toughest thing for me is seeing my buddys who ive trained with for a few years, who are just starting to take steriods.. and i can understand the temptation when i see these guys making more progress without working there asses off half as much.
    But as you say all about integrity.