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It’s my passion to bring this site to you for all of your hardcore, unconventional strength and conditioning needs.

In order for you to get the most out of my site, I created this specific page to help guide and take you by the hand to catch you up to speed with my Aggressive Strength Training ways and mindset.

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Your next step is to go back and read some of my more personal blog posts that dig into what I’m truly about.  This will help you get to know me and what I stand for better.

The H.A.M. Mindset (The Mentality to have both in and out of the gym)

The Aggressive Creed (RULES to Live By)

The A.G.G.R.E.S.I.V.E Lifestyle (You want SUCCESS, start by LIVING the lifestyle that brings it)

How I Learned To Go H.A.M. (Important lessons from the past)

5 Mindset Tips (Everything starts within the mind – you mess up in the mind, you mess up in LIFE)

My Thoughts On STEROIDS (You cheat = YOU LOSE.  Enough said)

What Training Means To Me (Just some thoughts about training and how it’s changed my life)

My Transformation Story – Part I / Part II (When it finally “clicked”)


Once of the reasons you ended up here was for information that you could use right?  Well, to get you off in the right direction I think it’s important you go through some of my top TRAINING and NUTRITION blog posts that will catch you up to speed with how I eat and how I train.

It’s important to note that my philosophy on training and nutrition will be forever be evolving as I continue to LEARN, do more research, and discover new things via real world results and in the trenches training.

One of my main focuses is to always be improving in on my craft so that I can supply you with the best strength, conditioning, and fitness knowledge as possible.  Since this is my #1 passion, it’s just a natural thing for me to continue and learn and evolve as time goes by.  If you’re not evolving, you only getting worse!


My Eating Evolution

The STRONGMAN’s Breakfast

On Intermittent Fasting:

What I Eat On Training Days

What I Eat On NON Training Days

On Paleo:

Cheat Meals and Paleo


Bodyweight Strength Standards

The Bodyweight Gauntlet


Spartan Race Training

Aggressive Strength Method Outline

Hardcore Workout Finishers

Top 17 Bodyweight Training Movements

Building STRENGTH and ENDURANCE At The Same Time

Rest and Recovery

3 Ways To Recover Faster


Now, I’m not sure how you may of found my blog, whether it be through my YouTube page, Facebook, or thru Google, but you’re here now.  One of the main questions I receive on a daily basis is in regards to my different programs and videos.

As far as my YouTube videos go, it’s great if you decide to take those and use them for your workouts, however if all you do is pick and choose a different workout to do each and every time you train, your results will not be as great as they could be.

If you want consistent gains in results, you need to follow a structured and proven program.  That’s where the many different programs I’ve created work the best.

You can start off by doing the workouts I supply on YouTube, but if you want to truly accelerate your results, I would recommend you follow any of the systems I’ve put together that have been PROVEN to work time and time again.

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