No Excuses Dumbbell and Kettlebell Training

I get emails all the time talking about how people can’t do some of the workouts I post up here on my blog because they don’t have a kettlebell.

EXCUSES, excuses….  😉

Just because you don’t have a kettlebell doesn’t mean you can’t get in some of the kettlebell movements I show off from time to time.

But how is this possible???

What if I told you that you could perform just about any kettlebell movement out there but with a dumbbell??

Obviously, it’ll be a little bit different because the weight distribution of a kettlebell and dumbbell are totally different but the fact is, you’ll still be working in the same range of motion and movement pattern, just using a different tool to get the job done.

I recently did a workout where I actually blended both a kettlebell and dumbbell together into a unique little circuit / complex.

In the clip below, I show how you can easily do a series of kettlebell exercises then immediately do the same movements with a dumbbell.

Check it out….


Perform this circuit / complex before your heavier lifting to work on your power.  You’ll get in a bit of conditioning too so to keep the reps low.

Perform each movement on one side x 3 reps per arm then switch arms:
a) KB Snatch x 3
b) KB Push Press x 3
c) KB Clean x 3
d) KB swing x 3

After you hit both arms with the KB, grab a dumbbell and perform the same circuit:

a) DB Snatch x3
b) DB Push Press x 3
c) DB Clean x 3
d) Db Swing x 3

Now of course, if all you have are Dumbbell’s, just hit that same circuit with DB’s but do 6 reps on each movement before moving on.

In my Bags, Bells, and Bodyweight Training System, there’s many times where you’re using a kettlebell for a lot of the movements, but just because you don’t have a kettlebell doesn’t mean these workouts aren’t for you!

You can make it happen.  Grab a dumbbell and get it done!  Just use your head.

Live Aggressive and Get Strong!


PS – Let me know if there are some other movements out there you would like to see done with a dumbbell or kettlebell and I’ll post it up for ya!

Better, yet, let’s hear what your FAVORITE kettlebell or dumbbell movements are….

Let me know in the comments!

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