Go 110 HAM

I’m fired up today!

I don’t know about you but I’m geared up to make things happen!

I got my training in and now it’s all business!

You might be wondering what the heck “110% H.A.M.” means.

Well, if you don’t take kindly to bad words and profanity, I would stop reading now because I’m about to get real SERIOUS up in here…


H.A.M. Stands for “Hard As A Motherfucker!”  and I’m officially adopting that as my own personal slogan.

This fired me up when I first heard Kayne and Jay Z’s new single entitled, “H.A.M.”.  This is where I first heard this slogan and now I’m gonna spread it like wild fire.

It relates to me because in my life, if I’m going to do something, I’m gonna make sure I’m going as hard as I can!

Put in work and except NO EXCUSES!

Going “H.A.M.” is a difficult thing to do that MOST people aren’t willing to do!

To be successful, you have to be willing to do the small, insignificant things 99.9% of people will never go the extra mile to do.

Sometimes life gets frustrating and things come up that get in our way.  Worst yet they block us from achieving our goals.

Do you let these things sit on you and hold you down?  OR do you punch these things in the FACE and knock em out of your way???

What I had to accept a while back was that I’m NOT alone.  I have to deal with problems just like everyone else in this world.  When I realized this, I stopped feeling sorry for myself when bad things happened!

I accepted 110% RESPONSIBILITY!

From now on, I’m going to make sure I control what happens in the end by pushing harder and further until I bust through the walls standing in front of me.

I suggest you to do the same!

The bottom line is this:  If you’re gonna do anything, go H.A.M. ALL DAY EVERYDAY!!!!

You wanna get BIG…………..  Go H.A.M. ALL DAY EVERYDAY!

You wanna get FASTER ………………  Go H.A.M. ALL DAY EVERYDAY!

You wanna get STRONGER ………….. Go H.A.M. ALL DAY EVERYDAY!

You wanna make more MONEY…………….  Go H.A.M. ALL DAY EVERYDAY!

You wanna have more FREE TIME………….. Go H.A.M. ALL DAY EVERYDAY!

You wanna be a CHAMPION………… Go H.A.M. ALL DAY EVERYDAY!

Get Rid Of The EXCUSES and GO H.A.M.!!!

Live Aggressive and Get Strong!


Feel free to drop a comment and let me know your thoughts below.

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  • http://TEAMSWOLL Alex Barajas

    Your on point man…its ALL DAY, EVERYDAY.. Everyone can buy Ham, but not everyone can be H.A.M. It takes a special breed to acknowledge what they lack and how to improve it. That’s what makes us hard. We continously challenge ourselves for the opportunity to be recognized as a H.A.M. Appreciate the videos and the blogs.

    • forgedstrength

      Alex, you know this bro!

      If you want something, You have to put in your dues and EARN it!

  • Dave Elder

    Nice post Travis and I couldn’t agree more!! This is right on time. I’m about to take my fitness biz to the next level and to do so, I’m gonna have to H.A.M. it up big time. Thanks for the reminder!!

    • forgedstrength

      Yeah Dave – H.A.M it up and take your biz to the next level!

  • Edward Flores (gig’em aggies)

    All day everyday! In everything I do work,working out and life! I got to do the damn thang! I feel ya travis. Certain people even on their best day they couldn’t be me!

    • forgedstrength

      Edward – do your thing and keep getting higher! Keep this attitude and NOTHING can stop you!

  • Max Vest

    Thanks for the motivation brother, I had a lot of shit tryin to sit on me today, but after I read your post I told the negative thoughts to fuck off, and popped em in the mother fuckin mouth! H.A.M!!!! You guys do great shit back there, thank you.

    • forgedstrength

      Max – BRO I’m happy I made a difference in your day! Keep busting stuff up and NEVER let things keep you down!

      We all have the choice to get up or stay down!

      Thanks for following!

  • JOE

    YEAH MAN I’m gonna adopt this slogan too. Gotta go hard gotta get stronger, healthier, and gotta live well for me and my my family.
    Thanks Trav

    • forgedstrength

      Joe – that’s what it’s all about bruddah!

      Thinking about the family is where its at!

      Go hard!

  • Mark

    I am H.A.M with myself. I am turkey in other aspects of life. I need to be more H.A.M and less turkey.

    • forgedstrength

      Mark – that fact that you admit that your turkey in some aspects of your life is a solid first step. Now we ATTACK those aspects and go H.A.M. on em!

      No other options bro!

  • LarryBarbarian

    Trav – no other way to do it than Hard As a MF!

    Working at getting better every day is HARD. Fighting through it is HARD. Making progress is HARD. But doing all that makes you Hard As a MF!!

    Rock ON!

  • Tom

    YEA Travis I love this…. GO H.A.M!!!!

  • Jason

    Love it. H.A.M all the way baby. Love your stuff. Thanks

  • Adrian

    im fu**ing jewish!

    strong words travis. let’s go H.A.M!

  • John

    Thanks for the inspiration Travis I totally agree. I thought I would give you one back here is a qoute by Swindoll. “With Vision there is no room to be frightened., No reason for intimidation. It’s time to March forward! Let’s be confident and positive!

  • John Cortese

    Travis, givin the truth!! Nice post buddy. We need to catch up man, things are going well (crazy busy) got a couple questions for ya!

    See you in March?!!?

  • Scott Pulman

    I love it Travis! It’s energetic, it’s intense, and it’s real. No BS just like life and training should be. I’m making some major changes in life and taking my training to a whole new level. This is the perfect motto to stay motivated and put in the work. Thanks for the insight man!

  • rachel

    Once you start working out how do you stay in the mindset to push yourself to keep going. It seems like it could be a challenge.

    • forgedstrength

      You have to have a goal or certain outcome you want when going into a workout.

      You also have to just have your mind right – you have to be willing to put everything on the line! Push the limit.

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  • Eric

    Travis you inspire me man… I was going to be a bit lazy tomorrow and and hit my workout in the afternoon, now I’m gonna get up at o-five hundred and dice up this H.A.M!!!! Not to mention I’m gonna smash your latest “Throw Down Thursday” as a finisher. Living aggressive and getting stronger everyday man.

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  • kevin

    i am going to go H.A. M. travis just what i needed

  • joe

    Nice motto, thanks for sharing and the motivation!! I love to train H.A.M!

  • Balázs

    Hey Travis!
    You know how to inspire me! HAM is the best word to inspire through my next HARD workout!!!

  • dsward

    Earn it…. I like it!

  • Hudson

    This is exactly what people in general should live by. Thanks for the motivation, Im gonna go H.A.M. in every workout, every day!

    • forgedstrength


      I like it bro!

      Make it happen!

  • hanson

    went so Hard As a Motherfucker yesterday, that today it hurts when I get my Hairy Ass to Move

  • Marti

    That’s a great post, many people don’t realise
    That to win or get the body you want it all starts
    In your mind, you got to get ready to attack
    The program and go H.A.M and don’t quit it.

  • Eric

    Always a pleasure reading your posts! It’s that extra push that makes us grow stronger!!

  • Dan

    Fuck yeah Travis. Its Sunday morning 5am and I’m going out the door to run hills sprints so HAM that I throw up all over myself while smiling knowing that tomorrow I will be stronger for it. You have inspired me to take things to a whole new level. No excuses. Push it as hard as you can go. I mean really push it. No pussies allowed. Get off your ass and make your shit better today. Just to up the ante I will do a ton of Bear crawls before the hill sprints. Fuckin Roar.

  • Lisa

    I’m new to this blog. This is totally what I need and been looking for to motivate me. I’m going H.A.M. with my training! Thanks!

  • John

    Good stuff Travis. When I was in the Army, my best friend and I used to compete for the title “hardest man alive,” whether training or simply enduring the infantry life in Germany. H.A.M. reminds me of that, so I like it!

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  • lance

    Oh ya Travis… i like your attitude and drive. It’s refreshing and inspiring. I train with a group of people at crossfit oakland that go fuckin hard everyday! I’m currently training for the RKC certification and your blog comes at the perfect time.
    Thanks brother.

    • forgedstrength

      Yeah buddy! There’s no other way to go bro! It’s 110% H.A.M. or nothing!

  • Steve

    Awesome stuff Travis! Been reading your stuff for a while and wondered what H.A.M stood for? Buddy it’s so true….I tell my guys and girls that if your minds tough and in the game then your body will achieve the end goal!! Cheers bud you motivate me to get after it!

    • Admin

      Good stuff Steve!

      Keep killin it

  • Mike Parish

    Hey Travis, I appreciate you’re site exactly because you are a master motivator! I’ve got more reasons not to workout than I can type without getting carpal tunnel syndrome:). But you make me remember that ultimately they are all excuses and like ass holes, everyone has one and they all stink! YOUR THE MAN!
    As for “hard as a motherfucker”… Are guys who have intercourse with mothers harder than other guys? As the husband of the mother of my children I’m not nearly as hard as this would imply. I’m gonna go with “Hard as a Mo Fo!”. Mo Fo is a mythical creature that looks and acts a lot like YOU!
    Thanks for what you do!
    God bless

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  • Sibghatallah

    Man, this post got me fired up for sure. I go H.A.M. as often as i can especially in training with anything i do in life. if you’re going to do something, might as well do it right. Never give up hope either, and NEVER quit, no matter how badly you want to.

  • Sebastien

    I love the concept of going H.A.M.
    Let me tell you a little story (I’ll try to be brief).
    My greatest inspiration is a guy who workouts at the soccer field where I train. This dude is handicapped, I assume that he had a severe accident.
    His back is bent over and he can’t fully extend his legs. Each step he makes is a struggle. I saw him numerous times on the field but didn’t really payed attention to what he was doing.
    Today, he was there and performed interval sprints, supersets of push ups and pull ups, etc… I could see his face distorted with pain but he bit the bullet and went H.A.M. , he didn’t quit until he finished what he had to do.
    This is beautiful!
    Instead of sitting on a couch and complaining all day, he goes H.A.M. and gives 100%. He goes beyond the limits of his body and mind.
    Tough guy!
    Then I thought that as a “normal” person, I don’t have the right to quit, I have to go hard too even if I feel that my heart is about to explode, even if my mind tells my body to stop, even if I’m dragged out, I have to complete this last set or rep. He gave me the rage to overcome my weaknesses.
    From now on, I’ll keep this guy in mind when I’ll train…

    • Admin

      This is INSPIRING!

      Thanks for sharing!

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  • Ryan

    Thank YOU for speaking the truth. Honesty, integrity and work ethic-the underground code. This post=amazing. I remember one time last summer when I went out and skated(I am a hockey player) with kids that were three years older than me. I was smaller but better than everyone of them. After it, one of tjem came up amd toldme that I work too hard, my response…YOU canNEVER work too hard

  • Wil Gallivan

    Travis, thanks for this blog. It spoke to me. Being H.A.M. in all aspects of life not just my training. Part of going next level for me is training smart and efficent. The biggest area for improvement is in my nutrition plan, not that my plan is bad, but a lack of execution. Eat clean-Be Lean!!

  • Billy

    Inspiring man! Been at the Lake all weekend, tired as hell but went downstairs and went H.A.M. Anyways. Now I can call it a night. Great motivator and love reading your stuff. Keep it up man.

  • Alan

    Im a humble H.A.M…….I step up every day as a Father, provider, protector of my family and this Nation. The days when I feel the negative aspects of life creep in I look in the mirror. I look deep into my eyes and stare….you can feel the beast move, awaken…We control ourselves, we are responsible men and women. No excuses, just be the best you can be. We will stumble and fall, but it’s how we get back up that makes the difference. We dig deeper than most, we do the shit everybody else wants to do…they just don’t wanna work for it. I’m a warrior, quiet, humble. Don’t wear fanncy training gear…just me an my chucks, and an old shit tire to pull around with rocks and a belief that I can…I AM what ever I wanna be, I make me…not the world. You win from with in, you don’t need to be the best at everything…just do your best. Go to bed at night knowing you did everything to the best of you ability. Yesterday is history, tommorrow is a mysterie, and today is a gift, that’s why it is called the present. Live in the present, and be H.A.M!!!!

  • Bradders

    Hey Travis I’m new to all this. I’ve been receiving your e mails and reading your blog for about two weeks now but everyday I’m goin more H.A.M then the next. In the gym and everyday life. The motivation you give is second to none. Thank you. I used to say GO HARD OR GO YARD! That was just a saying. I feel much more connected to goin H.A.M. Goin H.A.M is doing not just a saying.

    • Admin

      Yeah buddy! Always gotta go H.A.M.!

  • Jen W

    T ,

    Everyday I add something new trying to feed the body wanting to go go go. I step something up to next level creating a totally new level to break.
    My #1 obstacle has been the mind the little cracks that seep in nay Sayers and bad thoughts of what’s the point, I’m too old, just blend in with everyone. Or my favorite your (my) workouts are insane. If I do not do this this hard this much right now I will die. Living HAM helped me from just rolling up in a ball and disappearing. F*ck my nay Sayers I will be last chic standing.

  • Miko Dee

    I read this post and thought Hot Damn! Thank You!
    Hard As a Muh’ I am working very hard to recondition my body. The Doctors said Arthritis– slow down, take it easy, let’s see what happens… After almost 2 years, 20 pounds and lots of pain (and pills)… I said FUCK THIS! I got back in the gym, got my nutrition back on track (not quite the paleo you are), flushed the pills and lost the weight. The joints feel better with out the weight. The rest of me feels better when I work out, mentally and physically.
    My husband often says I work out like a madwoman… maybe I am just a woman who is mad… about keeping what I have, as long as I can, and not letting bull shit get in the way… even my own.
    **Make your supporters proud and your haters jealous!

  • carlos

    always h.a.m.