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If you’re SERIOUS about your training results, take a few minutes to read the message below…


For the past few years it’s been my honor and blessing to be able to connect with so many committed and hard working athletes, lifters, and fitness enthusiasts through my personal 1 on 1 ONLINE Elite Coaching Program…

For way less then what you would pay for a personal trainer at your local globo gym, you can join the same mentorship program that’s been forging some seriously hardcore, strong, lean, and mean bodies while also delivering lightning-quick results for hundreds of regular people spanning all across the globe. This is done without long drawn out training sessions, crazy diet protocols, or a having to buy a list of expensive supplements.

Dear Serious Lifter or Athlete,

I want you to do something for me real quick.

This is something I do with ALL of my elite coaching clients and I want YOU to do it as well because it’s that important.

First, take out a blank piece of paper. On this paper I want you to write down the exact set of goals that YOU want to achieve. Seriously, truly think about what it is YOU want to achieve and write it down as descriptively as possible. DO NOT limit yourself. Truly be honest with what it is you want to achieve.

Next, under your goals write down how long you’d like for this to take. When do YOU want to accomplish these goals?

Stop and think for a few mins on how much of a change and an impact that accomplishing these goals will have on your life.

Really focus in on… [black_arrow_list width=”100%”]

  • How much more confidence you’ll have
  • How much more ENERGY you’ll possess
  • How much more strength, conditioning, and power you’ll have gained[/black_arrow_list]

Did you do this?

If you didn’t, you need to.

Because the TRUTH is…

YOU can and will conquer your goals and forge a great body – a body that you truly want and have EARNED – and in a time much faster then you had originally planned.

This is the TRUTH.

I’m NOT Bullsh*tting you.

I can say this because I have the track record to PROVE it.

I’ve helped HUNDREDS of people all across the globe achieve just that and these are people that are regular Joe’s just like you and I who have achieved major SUCCESS.

I do it with a totally unique and unconventional approach

I’m guessing that you’ve tried the different manuals, at home workouts, and other “coaching” programs and have more then likely experienced minimal results (if any). DO NOT FEAR as you’re not the only person that this has happened to as you join many others that have fallen into the same traps and pitfalls as you.

The truth is if you want to experience the RESULTS and the GAINS in PROGRESS that you so badly want, it’s going to require a big time change in regards to what you’ve tried in the past.

Enter My Elite Online Fully-Guided Coaching Program.

With this exclusive program, I’ll destroy your typical programs and instead supply you with the fully-guided, expert help that has proven time and time again to deliver high quality results for people all over the globe.

In simple terms, My Elite Online Coaching is about getting you from point A to Z. It’s about leading YOU to where you want to go. It’s about RESULTS.

FAST, measurable results will be achieved and you can expect this because of my 4 basic hardcore coaching points:

1) I will tell you exactly what to do.

2) I will personally guide your from A-Z throughout your entire journey.

3) The programs I design are specifically for YOU and only YOU (no cookie-cutting).

4) I’ve got your back every step of the way.

What does this mean?

  • First off, I’ll make sure you know exactly what it is your supposed to be doing to achieve fast and effective results. There will be NO GUESSWORK involved as I will be telling you exactly what to do. Imagine knowing that everything you’re doing is exactly what you should be doing so you don’t have to worry if you’re doing the right things and wasting time. All you do it take the plan I create for you and put in the work. The rapid results will come.
  • You will NEVER be left alone on your journey to your goals as I’ll be personally holding you accountable and sticking close to your side. I will NOT let you slip or accept failure as an option. You can look forward to building a strong relationship with me as your personal coach as time goes on and as we communicate and interact throughout your entire program as I personally guide you from point A to Z on your entire journey.
  • The specialization of your personal program will come into play after I do an extensive Q and A with you to find out exactly what it is YOU want to achieve. I do this by finding out what your main goals are, what barriers you’re running into, what equipment you have available, what your schedule is like, everything I need to know to build you the best program possible. The best part is I meet you at your level so even if you’re a beginner or even high level athlete, it doesn’t matter. Your custom built program is one that will deliver the results you want because I specifically design the program for you and only you.
  • As my client, you become like family. I’ve got your back for the whole journey and beyond and you can rest assured that you’ll never be along. Never. I accept nothing less then the best for you and your efforts. Both you and your custom-built programming will constantly be reviewed and tweaked to guarantee success.

This type of high level personal coaching was for long only available to my personal clients in the Omaha area, but now with my Hardcore Elite Level Coaching Program…

It doesn’t matter where you live, where you train, I can get your to your goals. Even if you happen to live on the other side of the planet.

Clients and Coaches from all over the world show their results and praise…

ZACH EVEN-ESH – “The Underground Strength Coach”

My approach to Training is very BASIC, but my training METHODS are NOT for those that are LAZY or Faint at Heart.

When it comes to training, there are more than enough ways you can get it done, but what is truly the RIGHT method for you?

The problem that most people have is that they focus on the wrong types of training for them and one of the major bonuses of my ELITE Online Coaching Program is that fact that I will help you cut through all the B.S. that’s out there sop that you know exactly what will work for YOU.

What I want to help you do, is instead of just bouncing from program to program and staying the same (or getting worse), I want to propel you further beyond any results you’ve ever gotten in the past.

The time of staying “just normal” and only getting “OK’ results has ended.

No more just wishing you would make progress. Let’s bust the doors down! It’s time to take charge and go full speed into the body you have always wanted.

Within our great journey, I’ll teach you the methods you’ll need to keep progressing and busting through barriers and plateaus. Along with achieving your physical results, I’ll also help guide the new killer mentality you’ll build up as well.

Everything we do on a monthly basis will be specifically tailored to YOU.

As I mentioned above… This is a SPECIFIC PROGRAM made just for you! There are no cookie cutter programs included!

Each training session is YOURS specifically. Every workout will be mapped out for you so you know exactly what to do and exactly how to do it. ALL the guesswork will be removed which means, no more guessing or being overwhelmed with not knowing what to do. Just personalized programming designed to lead you down a straight path to SUCCESS.

BENEFITS of my ELITE Caching Program: [red_tick_list width=”100%”]

  • Specific – One on One Attention to help YOU get the RESULTS you want
  • Unlimited Access To Me – I’m there for you when you need me and by your side the whole way through
  • Weekly Check-In’s To Increase Accountability and Consistent Progress – You will NOT be allowed to slack – I make sure of it!
  • Monthly Specialized 4 Week Program Development – Get FAST RESULTS in a SHORT TIME
  • Nutritional Guidance and Support – Never be in the dark with your eating again!
  • Access to UNRELEASED programs and manuals
  • Plus much much more![/red_tick_list]

Just like with the training program, when it comes to NUTRITION – We will find what works BEST for YOU. No more not knowing what to eat. No more guessing. You’ll be supplied with the valued information on what to eat and when to eat it. No longer will you be dropping the ball when it comes to eating. I will educate you on how to make food choices and how to deal with nutrition on the go when life gets in the way. NUTRITION will NO longer be an excuse to your limited success…

It’s time to live your life on YOUR terms. You will not have to live in agony and forget about the fun in life. You will NOT be required to live as a ROBOT. I will teach you how you can live the Aggressive Lifestyle while having as much fun as possible. You’ll still look like a beast while not having to worry about skipping out on parties, dates, holidays or any other social events. I will show you the way.

Each training phase is completely different. Everything will be dependent on the past months progress. Your meal plans will be tailored to your progress and your training program will also be determined by the past month’s performance. With unlimited email and text support, I got your back the whole way through!

So, what do I get for being an Elite Hardcore Online Coaching Client?

In short, my online coaching clients get HOOKED up…

The Elite Hardcore GOAL Evaluation Q and A Assessment ($97 value)

The first thing you will receive when you are accepted as a Premium Web-based Coaching client is the Detailed Client Information packet plus a specific Q and A. This Q and A covers all the areas I’ll need to know in order to create the BEST program for you. This assessment will create the foundation for your custom designed program as it provides me with highly personalized information about you, your background, goals, and unique needs.

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One monthly custom-designed training program
($197 value)

While nutrition may be one of the most important components in yielding the fastest results for you, there will be a TON of focus put into the design and quality of your training program. This will be designed completely based off of your goals, access to equipment, and schedule. Everything from sets, reps, rest periods, loading, and progressions will be supplied. There will be specialized “Aggressive Strength” resistance / lifting focused days combined with specific “Aggressive Strength Cardio” days all customized dependent on your goals. Make no doubts as this you’ll be supplied with everything needed to assure that you’re doing exactly what it is you need to be doing. This is the closest you’ll get to actually training with me in person.

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Specialized Video / Exercise Demo Access ($97 Value)

Along with your fully customized monthly training program, you’ll be supplied with high quality training exercise demo videos as well. You’ll even be supplied with FULLY customized training videos if requested. I will personally walk you through each movement that’s in your program by creating personalized videos for you if you’re in need or additional support. This is another critical component in guaranteeing your overall success because if you’re not doing the training movements correctly, you’ll be doing everything for nothing and possibly injuring yourself which is never good. The days of getting low quality YouTube videos is over. You’ll now be supplied with an endless amount of High Quality “Aggressive Strength” training demo videos.

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FULL Time Nutritional Support and Guidance
($197 value)

There’s NO doubt that Nutrition is the TOP most critical component of you transforming the quickest. Most programs totally lack nutritional guidance or just throw something in that may or may not even work. With my Elite Hardcore Coaching Program, nutrition will be of high focus to make sure that you get the fastest results possible. You’ll be supplied with all of the info and guidance you need so you’ll know exactly what to eat, when to eat it for maximum progress. You’ll know what and when to eat on both workout and non-workout days, be supplied with food lists, sample meal combos. This is definitely a highly important component that will make all the difference.

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FULL Time Coaching Access / Support ($297 value)

This alone is worth the FULL investment you’ll make for my Elite Hardcore Online Coaching coaching program as you’ll be able to contact me for any questions or support issues you need. While I’ll be keeping you 110% accountable by keeping close tabs on you, you’ll be just a personal email away from me when ever you need coaching support. I’ve got your back 110% through your whole program. Each week you’ll be required to “check in” with your progress so there can be modifications and/or progressions made if need be (this is completely FREE to you). All of this info and communication will help provide important feedback to me that will help me develop and progress your program for the next month which is critical. As a Elite Hardcore Coaching client we continually work together as client and coach to give you a truly hands-on, fully supported experience.

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Additionally, when you apply today I’ll add in the following BIG TIME BONUS absolutely FREE:

FREE Bonus: 15 Min “Fast Start” Coaching Call ($197 value)

When you apply and are accepted into my coaching program, we’ll connect on the phone to discuss the FASTEST way to your success. This will set you up to progress at an accelerated rate plus allow us to meet 1 on 1. The more connection I have with you the better I’ll be able to help you achieve your overall goals. Personal contact is important and critical to your overall success. Normally, a coaching call would run you $197, but as an Elite Hardcore Coaching client, you’ll get this FREE with your program.

To recap everything you’ll be receiving as an Elite Hardcore Coaching client, you’ll be first sent an extremely detailed Q and A Assessment form, monthly fully custom-designed training program, plus given FULL nutritional support and guidance, access to customized exercise demo videos, and a FREE bonus “fast start” coaching call not to mention all of the other extra BONUSES I’ll be hooking you up with as a 1 on 1 client.

So, at this point, you’re probably wondering…

So, how much does all this highly detailed, personalized coaching and programming cost?

Well, before I get into what the investment will be to train with me personally online, let me run through some numbers for you so you can justify things a bit. First note that if you were to train 1 on 1 with a local personal trainer at the nearest globo gym, who’s more then likely way unqualified and under-experienced, you would pay any where from $45 to as high as $100 per session. Take that times 2 x’s a week x 4 weeks and that’s $800 on the high end and around $400 at the low end a month. This is just for the workouts which probably aren’t customized and without nutritional guidance, or personal accountability and support. The truth is, you’ll more then likely NOT be getting the results that you want to see nor the quality of personal service you need and be paying way too much $$$ for it..

Now, if you were to train with me in person at my gym, 1 on 1, I would charge $100 / session as well as require you to pay a monthly fee for nutritional consulting and guidance. All together you’d be paying at least $700+ / month for these services (and I have clients that pay that without any thought about it at all).

With this being said, Let’s look at what you’ll be getting within my Elite Hardcore Online Coaching Program:

Assessment Q and A – $97

Customized Training Program – $197

Customized Videos + Demos – $97

Full Nutritional Coaching and Support – $197

Full Access + 1 on 1 ONLINE Coaching from Travis – $297

BONUS – “Fast Start” 15 Min Coaching Call – $97

Access to unreleased programs + BONUS hook-ups – $197



The killer news is I’m NOT going to charge even close to that for you to become a web-based Elite Hardcore Coaching Client (even though you’ll be getting the same 1 on 1 support and service on via online). I’ve been told that I’m crazy for offering a coaching program like this for such a low investment but here’s the deal:

As an exclusive online offer only, I am making ALL of my services open to you, along with a 15 min “Start Up” Skype Coaching Call ($197 Value) plus even more Elite Hardcore Coaching SECRET BONUSES (OVER $397+ Value) all at a seriously low price of:

ONLY $297 / Month with FULL Coaching Access and Support

To be totally transparent and up front with you, the investment you’ll be making will give you back 10 x’s for what you pay in results and service, BUT if you’re not willing to invest into yourself at this time for ultimate success, then this is NOT for you. Please DO NOT apply for my Elite Coaching below if you are not ready to invest NOW. Just understand, this is NOT to turn you away, but to make sure that you don’t waste your time nor mine.

Unfortunately, good coaching does not come for free…. I know this as I too invest into coaching for myself (I currently have 3 different coaches I invest into monthly)…


With that, here’s a personal favorite quote of mine:

“Go big or go home. Because it’s true. What do you have to lose?
-Eliza Dushku

So let me ask you, “What do YOU have to lose?

It’s time to make it happen.

ONLY YOU can decide when to TAKE the ACTION needed to pursue your overall goals.

I can help YOU get there, but you must be ready to commit.

I will leave you with this final thought…

OPTION 1) Keep doing what you’re doing.

With this option, you can continue your search for the answers and wasting precious time in trying to find solutions.

I can make a bet that if we’re to come back in a few months or even a year from now that you’ll more then likely be in the same exact position still searching and hoping that you’ll find the answer to your problems and a way to finally get over the top of your barriers.


OPTION 2) You can choose to TAKE ACTION TODAY and APPLY for my Elite Online Coaching Program.

With this you’ll start making more gains then you have made within the past 12 months and together, YOU and I will bust down the walls that have been standing between YOU and you goals.

The choice is YOURS.

Don’t waste another minute getting anything less than the fastest and best possible results. The time to start achieving the body you never thought you could have is NOW.


Your Aggressive Strength Coach,

PS – The absolute worst thing you can do is live a life in regret.

Don’t let someone else jump in and take your spot. By APPLYING NOW, you ensure your best possible chance to be accepted into my Elite Hardcore Coaching Program.

Just know, there are very LIMITED SPOTS!

PPS – The BONUS 15 min “Fast Start” coaching call + SECRET BONUSES worth over $497 total is only available to those who apply and are accepted into the program this month. It’s important to fill out the application now so you don’t miss out on this unique opportunity!

PPPS – If you’re still unsure, check out what other successful Elite Coaching Clients have said…

I have been weight training seriously for the past 4 years, throughout these 4 years I went from an athlete to a powerlifter. My strength and mass went through the roof and my athletic ability diminished. I wanted to get back in too athletic shape to play sport again and I came across YouTube videos of Travis and his training methods. I saw how his training was aimed a functional sport performance and athletic ability. His training methods were unique, not solely based on typical resistance training in the gym. But instead more of a mixture between Crossfit and typical resistance training methods. September 2011, I entered Travis’s elite online coaching program, 3 months later. It’s safe to say I’m athletically in and physically in the best shape ever, my weight has gone from 115kg to 88kg (SOLID), I maintained all my strength in my powerlifting lifts (Squat, Bench, Deadlift), and bodyweight strength has shot through the roof!

If you’re serious about your training and are 110% self motivated, Travis is your man!!


Trent B


Before I joined Travis’ Elite Online Coaching program, I had seen many of Travis’s videos on YouTube and liked his workouts and attitude.I was in the the midst of my quest to get my first muscle up for several months. As part of joining him online I saw I was personally destined to get a muscle up. After joining Travis and his coaching program, I went back and forth asking Travis questions to fine tune and tweak my progress. Travis was very helpful and supportive with my progress and created a program to cater to my needs specifically. The best part is I finally achieved a muscle up a few weeks later! To me this was HUGE. When Travis saw my video proof he couldn’t have been more elated for me. Not only was this a big accomplishment for me, but it was a great testament to his enthusiasm to see one of his Elite “Soldiers” reach a goal and continue to improve. Travis definitely walks the walk, and instills that in those of us lucky to follow him as our online coach and fitness mentor. BEST decision I have made was investing into his Elite program.

Chris H


That’s it Travis! This is, bar none, the best core work training I’ve ever had in the 32 yrs. I’ve been working out, and there’s still more core exercises from you I haven’t even tried yet, but I definitely fo them because you show me how and push me to work at them. Travis, you are AWESOME man. I can’t believe how much I really look forward to going to the gym now thanks to you! Every time I think I can’t do something, I just think the 110% H.A.M. and it just happens. Then I’m amazed that I did it. YOUR motivation motivates me. One of these days, when I’m ready, I want to sign up for one of your workshops. I don’t care if it’s in Omaha, it would be worth it. But right now, I just need to keep doing and folloing your coaching and doing what you have me with your training. Take it easy buddy and thanks!

Gary B

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