Don’t Be Afraid – Most things WON’T Kill You – Part 1

I’ve got a good workout for you from my OLD SCHOOL STRENGTH cycle, but I want to get into some more deep stuff first.

Stuff that molded me into what I am today and continue to transform into.

I’ll be straight up with you….

There’s a lot of things that scare the HELL outta me.

When I was growing up, there were more things then I could count that scared the total crap outta me.

Most of those things I’ve grown to adapt to and now, instead of run away from them, I chase them.  I hope you feel me on that one.

Not sure if you have heard my whole story or not, but I want to let you know how it ALL began.

I’m going to talk about how I got into training and what has continued to make me push myself to the limit all the times!

This will serve as Part I.

When I was little, age 10 or so, I was way into wrestling and football.

Football came naturally as I was fast, quick, and totally fearless when it came to that.

Wrestling was another story…

I wasn’t the same athlete out on the mat.  It was all purely mental.

I started wrestling in the 4th grade and to be honest, I used to get my ass kicked around all over the place!

Every year from the time I was in 4th grade up in to about the 7th grade.  I was a PUSSY in wrestling!

In most instances I was the better athlete in about every match I wrestled in, but the results never reflected that at all.

I was stronger, faster, quicker, but what I didn’t have was the mental edge.

In other words, I didn’t have that “killer instinct” yet.

I was passive, hesitant, and worst of all… AFRAID.

I’m not sure what I was so afraid of, but one thing was for sure, I wasn’t going to get killed by anything.

I don’t know what my problem was.

It took a few years of being afraid and getting my ass kicked until finally I went up to Tulsa OK to wrestle in the AAU National Tournament.

You see, even though I sucked, my dad would take me literally EVERYWHERE to wrestle!

I respect and love my dad to death because he spent a lot of his time and money hauling my ass around for me to put in half ass efforts and get my ass kicked.

So, there we were, at the national wrestling championships in Tulsa OK…  The best of the best were there to show their skills.

I had a 32 man bracket!  The biggest bracket I had ever been in!

It was insane!

To make a long story short, I got beat twice and was done and it was a LONG ride home.

But, it was something on that ride home changed me.

It changed my life and my mentality for ever!

As we were riding back home, I overheard one of my dads friends talking to him.

You see there were a bunch of us that all came to the meet together as my dad’s friend had his boys wrestling in the tournament as well.

Anyways, they both thought I was asleep and wasn’t listening in the back, but actually I could hear everything they were saying.

So, my dads friend went onto say, “I know whats wrong with Travis, He’s a PUSSY!”

He talked about some other things such as I was weak, passive, non aggressive, and fragile!

But that quote, He’s a PUSSY,  has forever stuck in my mind ever since!

Immediately, I was filled with rage when I heard him say that!

How dare he call me a “PUSSY”!

I knew better!

I thought to myself, “I’ll show him and everyone else who’s the real PUSSY!”

From that day forth, I vowed to NEVER again be considered weak, fragile, or incapable of handling my own.

My transformation began on that night.

I forever changed from that day to live STRONG, AGGRESSIVE, and RELENTLESS with anything and everything I did.

I had a PASSION to get better.

The only way I knew I could be considered STRONG and as far away from weak as possible was to TRAIN MY ASS OFF!

NO ONE would ever out work me ever again!   EVER!

I went on to win EVERY match in wrestling except for 2 in 7th and 8th grade.

I began lifting, running, and training as hard as I could.

The transformation had started, but it only just beginning…

Stay tuned for more!


Here’s my OLD SCHOOL STRENGTH training day:

1A) Reverse Band Bench Press 6 x 3

2A) Weighted Pull Ups 5 x 5

2B) Banded Wheel Rollouts 5 x 10-12

3A) Chain Close Grip Push Ups 100 reps (do as many sets as it take BUT no more than 100 reps)

3B) Weighted Recline Rows 75 reps (Same as above)

4A) HEAVY Farmers Carries 3 x max distance

One lesson I’ve learned over the many years of ups and downs is this:

Don”t ever be afraid – for most things WON’T kill you….

Live Life Aggressive and Get Strong!


PS – Go ahead and drop a comment and let me know what you think

What have YOU been afraid of in the past?

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  • Greg

    Travis, I can definitely relate to your story. I wish I could say I was a natural athlete like you were as a kid. The truth be told, I wasn’t. I really was a pussy! I didn’t compete in anything. As a matter of fact, I went out of my way to avoid any and all obstacles, whether they be social confrontations, fights, physical exertion, and perhaps most notably, self reflection.

    Upbringing definitely played a role in my outlook; my mother coddled me. She is the most loving person I know, but not much of a disciplinarian. However, everything comes down to the choices an individual makes for himself. The choices I made in my childhood and teen years were centered around fear and avoidance of all challenges.

    What turned it all around for me was when I was working for my step father one summer (my first job). I wasn’t accustomed to working at all, let alone working hard. Midday, my step father had enough of my bitching and gave an honest assessment of where I was at. He said I was a whiner. Whiner may not sound as harsh as being called a pussy. Nevertheless, being called a whiner had a similar effect on me as being called a pussy had on you.

    I was super-pissed that I was called a whiner. In my mind, a whiner was the worst thing you could be. It meant that you are ungrateful, weak, mentally impotent, lacking in any fortitude. Essentially it meant….. I was a pussy! What made the comment worse, deep down, I knew my step father was right.

    It took being called on my bullshit to force me into action. Ever since that day, I’ve had a completely different outlook on life. One that is more aggressive and proactive. I adopted a perspective that would favor useful emotions over useless ones. Gone were sadness, melancholy and apathy. Aggression and anger took over. Admittedly, that wasn’t always the best thing, but I was at least able to use them to my advantage.

    Over the years, I tempered myself to be able to purge my aggression in a useful way. Ways that could be used to get things done; to prevent from fear creeping into my mind. Of course, I haven’t mastered going H.A.M. and being extremely productive. However, I get better at it every day.

    The best thing about life is learning more about yourself through others’ experiences. By trying new things. People like you who make no compromises in their lives, because they understand that they are the architects of their own lives, are a great help and inspiration to guys like me who, day by day, are digging themselves out of a hole of self depreciation and fear.

    Sharing success stories are essential, because we all feel a connection to each other and do have a connection to each other. With each person’s success, implants the plausibility in other people’s minds that they can do the same. I guess what I’m saying in a drawn out way is, “I feel you” and I appreciate your work. Keep it up, brother!