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keep-calm-i-ve-moved-my-officeSo there’s not been a whole lot of action on the ol’ blog as of late.

That doesn’t mean I’ve not been hard at work.

Far from it actually…

But, with lack of updates and content, there’s no excuses.

There’s a few reasons for this…

#1 – Most of my communication I now send out through my private Aggressive Strength Newsletter.

Sending out daily messages to this special group of people is a bit more in-depth and more connective then continuous blogs, ect.

And, when you’re on my newsletter and apart of my online Aggressive Strength community, there’s just a bit more connection there.

I know you’re serious and you’re about the Aggressive Strength brand.

If not, you’d just NOT subscribe or unsubscribe right?  😉

Either way, if you haven’t hopped on board and gotten yourself onto my private newsletter just yet, CLICK HERE (you can get yourself a special little “Bodyweight ONLY” gift package in the process)

#2 – I’ve MOVED 

Yes, with the growth of my online brand Train Aggressive, I’ve decided to move everything over to that site so we can have one main hub.

The GOOD news with this is in how I’ll be posting up NEW blogs, videos, and updates over there as time goes on.

There’s a LOT in the works for Train Aggressive so if you haven’t stopped by the site just yet, you’ll want to do so quick.

There’s some AMAZING updates in the works that I’m pretty damn excited about.

So, that’s WHY the site hasn’t been “active’…

Hopefully you can come join me HERE and Go H.A.M. moving ahead.


LOTS of updates going up on the Train Aggressive Facebook Page…

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110HAM Radio Interview With Mike Gillette

I’ve got a special one for you below.eAoJsN7

In this special 110HAM Radio Episode I’ve got on board Mr Mike Gillette.

This guy is one of the TOUGHEST SOB’s I’ve ever had the chance to meet.

This was a great call that’s packed with awesome info with proven tips and tricks to boost strength and mental toughness.

You’ll discover how to build MORE of both so you can apply it all to your performance in the gym and outside within your life.

Download this episode at the link below and please make sure to post up your thoughts and comments.

>>> TRUE Mental Toughness w/ Mike Gillette



PS – For More MENTAL Toughness awesomeness, check out Mike’s NEW Book: Psychology of Strength

strength-psychologyPsychology of Strength gives you a practical, step-by-step blueprint
to rapidly developing mental toughness and suppress
the fear and self-limiting beliefs that sabotage your success.

The No Matter What Challenge

I got a new challenge for you.

It’s started back on December 8th and will run for the rest of the year until December 31st.

You can start this ANYTIME you’d like to get yourself STRONGER.

The Challenge?

Well, if you got my message from yesterday where I told you about my “The No Matter What Method”, this is what the challenge will be made up of.

It’s simple.

I want YOU to pick out a single bodyweight movement.

This could be a movement that gives you the most problems (AKA your GOAT).

Or it could be a movement you’re already OK with, but just want to improve in.

Could be your simplest of bodyweight movements such as push ups, recline rows, pull ups…

Or, if you’re more advanced it could be muscle ups on rings, bar muscle ups, handstand push ups, single arm push up, pistol squats, strict ring dips…

What ever movement YOU want to get yourself better at.

It’s YOUR choice.

And here’s what I want you to do with it.

Today you’re going to start off by doing “X” amount of reps for that movement.

The reps MUST be done in 1 unbroken set.

This could be 2 reps unbroken, 10, or 15 reps maybe….

Just depends on what movement you’re doing and where you’re currently at with that movement.

I would recommend you start somewhere in the middle from where you max all out set would be.

For example, let’s say you can do 15 Strict Handstand Push Ups MAX.

At 15 reps you know you’re completely fried so for this challenge I would have you start around 9 reps today.

You get 9 reps unbroken today means you go to 10 reps tomorrow.

Just ONE single set.

Then if you get 10 reps unbroken the next day you go to 11, then 12, then 13…

You keep going until the end of the year.

But what about if you hit a wall and can’t do all the reps your supposed to?

Great question.

When that happens you keep at the same single set of reps until you’re able to successfully break it by one more rep.

Who knows, you might be stuck at the same set of reps all the way up until Dec 31st??

Or you’ll break right past your PR and surprise yourself..

That’s what we want and I no doubt that’s what we’ll get.

You can do this “No Matter What Set” at the end of your workouts, when you first wake up in the AM, right before you go to bed, have lunch, when ever…

YOU Choose.

Just make sure to get it done each day, every day until December 31st.

OR, if you’re starting a bit late, just make sure do this challenge for AT LEAST 21 Days.

Sound good?

Oh and if you can, I’d record the set you do today then record your final set you do on December 31st (or at least 21 days later)

Will be an awesome way to note your progress by catching it all on film.

So, there’s my CHALLENGE to YOU.

If you accept, simply COMMENT BELOW with what movement you’ll be hitting for your “No Matter What Sets” .

I’m looking forward to hearing back.

Let’s get it!


PS. A long while ago I put together an awesome 28-Day Bodyweight ONLY Program that includes the exclusive method I speak of above right into the programming.

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 7.38.25 AMI’ve also got some other special “strength tactics” inside that program that I utilize which will take your strength and athleticism to the next level.

It’s called The Bodyweight BEAST Program, and it’s available HERE for instant download.