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110HAM Radio Performance Nutrition With Jason Phillips

Just a few weeks back I got a personal message on my Facebook.

It was from a guy named Jason Phillips.img_76041232867594

At the time I didn’t know a ton about Jason, but as I did a little bit of research, turns out this guy is somewhat of a big deal.

When I connected with JP over the phone a bit more that’s when I said I had to get this guy onto the 110HAM Radio Show.

And so here we are now…

In this NEW Episode of 110HAM Radio You’ll discover:

  • If LOW CARB dieting is really the answer to getting leaner and performing better
  • If PALEO is actually hurting you or helping you
  • The low down on CARB BACKLOADING and if there’s any actual results to eating most of your carbs at night before you go to bed
  • “SHOW and GO” VS. Just “SHOW” Nutrition (Are there any differences between the two?)
  • Competition Day Eating and Nutrition Prep (this might be a shocker for many people)
  • Are Cals In VS. Cals Out that important??
  • If Intermittent Fasting is all the great or just a fluke?
  • Plus much more!

You’ll enjoy this one for sure!

Download The Mp3 Below:

Jason and I plan on doing some follow up episode on more NUTRITION topics. 

If you got questions, post them up below and we’ll cover them in our next one.


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110 HAM Radio: Underground Strength Zach Even Esh

It’s ALWAYS great to catch up with Zach Even-Esh

THE MIKE DOLCE SHOW: Ep. 75 Mike Dolce Talks Training With Strength Coach Zach Even-Esh

Not only is Zach one of my biggest mentors and sources of constant motivation and inspiration, he’s also a good friend.

You won’t find another guy quite like Zach.

If you were to look up “hustle” in the dictionary, Zach’s pic wouldn’t be there, but it sure as hell should be.

The guy is an endless amount of heart, soul, and guts all for STRENGTH in and out of the gym and I can’t THANK him enough for all that he’s done for the strength and conditioning industry.

If it wasn’t for Zach, I surely wouldn’t be where I am today.

So, let’s stop with the praise and get to the interview!

Check it out:

In this episode 110 HAM Radio you’ll discover:

  • Just WHO is Zach Even-Esh and What’s UNDERGROUND Strength Stand for?
  • Where the inspiration for the “Underground” first came from
  • What’s the TRUE meaning of “STRENGTH”
  • How to be a “BADASS” not only under the barbell but in LIFE as well
  • The MINIMALIST Approach to training and life
  • Getting started in the strength game
  • Is it “family first” or “work first’?
  • Plus much, much more!

And…  You’ll definitely want to check out Zach NEW book, The Encyclopedia of Underground Strength and Conditioning which is a must-have, go-to resource for developing the supreme athletic durability, all-around strength and mental badassness…

Encyclopedia_Underground_Strength_and_Conditioning_LgThis bad boy was just released and you MUST grab yourself a copy.



110 HAM Radio: Episode 3 w/ Matt Wichlinski

The first time I met Matt we were at a Underground Strength certification at Zach Even-Esh’s gym in Edison, NJ.

That was the first time I had ever seen anyone snatch a 150 lbs dumbbell.mattyw

I specifically remember Matty walking up to Zach’s 150 lbs Globe DB and without even thinking twice about it grabbing it and snatching it up over his head like it was nothing.

This dude is seriously STRONG and besides walking the walk, Matt is also an excellent coach.

I’d say one of the BEST around.

In fact, he’s the head strength and conditioning coach for The WWE Performance Center in Orlando FL.

That’s BIG TIME stuff right there.

Either way, I caught up with Matt to talk about his experiences with the WWE plus more.

You’ll find out how Matt trains some of the up-and-coming WWE superstars and how he trains himself.

You’ll hear it all on the latest episode of 110 HAM Radio.

Check it…

Question: If YOU were a WWE wrestler, what would your name be AND would you be a hero or villain???

Drop your answers in the comments below.