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Top Kettlebell Tips, Tricks, and Flaws

If I was to get thrown onto a desert island and was given the choice of having just one single strength tool, it would be a close battle between a set of Olympic Rings and a set of Kettlebells.

Since I’m writing a post on kettlebells, I’ll say I’d pick the bells 😉

And in all honesty though, there’s no other strength tool that I’ve used in my life that has had such a HUGE impact on the way I train as well as the type of results I’ve been able to produce.

The Kettlebell has changed the game for me.


The first time I cranked out a full kettlebell session I got CRUSHED.

I can thank my good buddy and fellow BADASS strength coach, Zach Even-Esh for first introducing me to the oh so powerful kettlebell.

After my first time, I was hooked.

However, with all of the different options and overall power that kettlebells bring to your training, there’s a bit of a learning curve involved with kettlebells.

Truth is, I don’t think there’s too many people out there who can walk up to a kettlebell and crank out movements without having a bit of proper coaching and guidance first.

I’ve see a TON of mistakes people make when they train with kettlebells so I wanted to address these as well as offer some other kickass kettlebell Tricks and Tips.

So, what I did in the newsletter I sent out a few days back ask for people to send in their biggest, most wanted kettlebell questions.

Here’s Part I Kettlebell Tricks and Tips…

Here’s Part II of Kettlebell Tricks and Tips…

Also, here’s a few other videos I did on a few of the common mistakes I see being made with kettlebells as well as some coaching cues for the kettlebell clean…

Coaching Cues and Tips for the Kettlebell Clean

The Kettlebell Snatch
Start-Stop Kettlebell Moves
The “BEAST Builder”

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Time to get Stronger, Shredded, and Extremely Conditioned


Double Trouble and The Dubz Muscle Up Ladder


Here’s a nasty two-part workout for ya…

The first is a nasty Kettlebell Complex called, “Double Trouble”.

The name says it all.

For that you’ll have 25 minutes to complete 10 full rounds of that complex.muscle up rings

Prescribed load will be set at DOUBLE 53 lbs Kettlebells

If you have to go lighter, no worries.

Just Go H.A.M. at what ever you can handle best.

At the 30 minute mark, you’ll start the second part of the throwdown which is the “Dubz Muscle Up Ladder”.

With this you’ll get 10 mins to get up as high as you can on the ladder for both movements starting at 10 reps for the Double Under’s and 1 reps for Muscle Ups.

The kicker…

All reps must be done UNBROKEN meaning if you get to round 5, you must do 50 UNBROKEN Double Under and 5 UNBROKEN muscle ups.

Have fun with it and Go H.A.M.

Aggressive Strength Resources To Help You Become A BADASS

The Unbreakable Badass Blueprint 2.0


The Garage Built Body

Underground Strength Circuit

While up in the mountains of Vermont at Spartan Race HQ I did a whole lot of training with the crew I was with.

We cranked early an AM bodyweight / Navy SEAL inspired workout with Joe De Sena at his farm that pushed us both mentally and physically.

spartan HQ farmJoe De Sena’s Farm

We did a 2.5 mile “quick sprint” up the Spartan Race HQ mountain that ended with a run back down back to the bottom in an insane down pour of rain that left us absolutely soaked.

##Activate images To See##

I’ll NEVER forget the time I had while there running down that mountain!

Great stuff.

Doing that type of training outside of the gym is critical in my mind to keep you on your toes.

Lots of us get too stuck on training in the gym and sticking to the rules all the time.

While the type of training I do is far from normal, I make sure to get myself outside a lot to keep it fresh.

Either way, on the final day before I left, Zach and I found a bit of time to fit in an extra special “Underground” inspired strength circuit.

This circuit blended together the use of kettlebells and a heavy stone.

This was like the icing on the cake if you ask me…

If you’re not yet familiar with underground style workouts like this, it’s time you get yourself acquainted.

 In the video Zach and I go over the main details of the set up plus a few different ways on how you can use it.

Just note that it’s definitely NOT an easy circuit, but it wasn’t meant to be easy 😉

If you want easy, you’ve come to the wrong place my friend.

Time to grab yourself a couple of kettlebells and a heavy stone and get after it!


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