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Bodyweight Volume Tactic For MORE Strength


Use “The Volume Tactic” To Help Increase General To Advanced Bodyweight  Strength
and Muscular Endurance Overtime

Can Be Used 3-5 Times A Week – All Depending On YOUR Fitness Level

Typically Used With General Movements Like Push Ups, Pull Ups, Squats, And Rows

Can Also Be Used With Advanced Movements Like Pistols, Muscle Ups, HSPU’s, Dips,
Ect – NO Movement Is Off Limits – Just Keep It To Bodyweight Specific

General Rep Scheme Guidelines For “The Volume Tactic”

“Solider” Beginners: 3 Rounds x 2, 4, 6  (Pull Ups, Push Ups, Squats)

“Warrior” Intermediate 3 Rounds x 4, 8, 12

“BEAST” Advanced 3 Rounds x 5, 10, 15

If You Can Easily Go “UNBROKEN” With your Sets, Add In An Extra Round In Each Week

ATTENTION: If You wanna get stronger, leaner, and meaner with just your bodyweight…

…Let Me Show You How To Get It Done With No Gym and Little To No Equipmentnextpage


Strongman Strength Circuit

Here’s a fun little strongman blended mix of strength / power-based movements that will push your strength and conditioning to the next level.

Here’s the set up:

Every Minute On The Minute For 30 Minutes – Rotate through the following movements:

1 – Power Snatch x 3
2 – Yoke Walk x 100 ft
3 – Log Clean and Press x 3
4 – Farmer Walk x 100 ft
5 – Stone Shouldering x 4

Go H.A.M. with it!

Got questions, thoughts, or comments??

Post up below!

Double Trouble and The Dubz Muscle Up Ladder


Here’s a nasty two-part workout for ya…

The first is a nasty Kettlebell Complex called, “Double Trouble”.

The name says it all.

For that you’ll have 25 minutes to complete 10 full rounds of that complex.muscle up rings

Prescribed load will be set at DOUBLE 53 lbs Kettlebells

If you have to go lighter, no worries.

Just Go H.A.M. at what ever you can handle best.

At the 30 minute mark, you’ll start the second part of the throwdown which is the “Dubz Muscle Up Ladder”.

With this you’ll get 10 mins to get up as high as you can on the ladder for both movements starting at 10 reps for the Double Under’s and 1 reps for Muscle Ups.

The kicker…

All reps must be done UNBROKEN meaning if you get to round 5, you must do 50 UNBROKEN Double Under and 5 UNBROKEN muscle ups.

Have fun with it and Go H.A.M.

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