Are we too SPOILED?

I got a few emails the other day that put me over the edge a bit…

I talk about one of them in this video…

What do YOU think?

Are we getting a bit too spoiled in this day and age?

I say you’ve got to take it back to the “Hardcore” every now and then…

Here’s some tips on doing just that:

  • Get out in the elements and train at least 1 time a week – hit up a playground workout, do sprints and animal movements on a football field, go climb a tree, push your car or truck down the street and back, just get outside and train!
  • STOP complaining and tough through it – every time you complain, you owe yourself 50 burpees for being negative.  For some people, their going to owe a sh*t ton of burpees at the end of the day…  DON’T let this person be YOU!
  • Train with odd objects that not only challenge you physically, but mentally as well such as kettlebells, sandbags, rocks, ect.
  • Get yourself away from any SOFT environments you may train in now.  If you have to, build up your own personal garage gym so that you can create your own “Aggressive Strength” environment.
  • Always keep your goals in the front of your mind – this will push you past “tough times”
  • Just think: It could always be worse.   Be thankful for what you have at that very moment instead of focusing on what you don’t have.
  • Find a training partner or hire a coach that will keep you accountable and help push you so you can’t go soft on yourself

Bottom line – it comes down to YOU and your mindset and the perception you have of different things.

Let me know if the comments how you feel about this.

Live and Train Aggressive!

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  • John Cintron

    Excellent Post. Yes people want results without breaking a sweat. What do I do I give myseld punishment reps after a metecon. Example I had to do a metcon of 3 rounds with 15 pullups I did not get all my pullups in one set during the rounds as fatigue set in. So I added after sandbag over the shoulder toss as many as I could get. I was seeing starts from the fatiuge but it will make me get stronger and keep pushing so maybe the next time I get all 3 rounds with 15 pullups unbroken. You need to push the envelope to get results.


    • Admin

      You know how it works JC. You are a BEAST brother!

  • PeterDain

    Hello Travis,
    I just read your last e-mail and as always what you say is helpful,I
    am from a Mindset I trained because I was going to War,I wanted never
    to not beable to Hump the Mountains of Vietnam or turn into a Bitch
    when it got Hot.
    This is my attitude when I workout,its not for everbody,but the enemy
    doing it,your opponent is doing it.

    • Admin

      Never be OUT-trained 😉

      Always good to hear from you Pete

  • Larry

    Straight to the point and perfectly blunt!
    Aimed at the “looking for the participation medal” fitness group.
    Too many unwilling to “embrace the suck”

    • Admin

      That’s right on point there.

  • gary

    Good message … harden up! dont care for your language much but at least you tell it straight.
    Thanks buddy!

    • Admin

      Thanks Gary,

      That’s just how I speak when I get excited. Definitely NOT G rated…

  • Tim

    Hands hurt? Thats funny. I train with callouses on my hands constantly. The ceiling in my basement is maybe 7 ft tall so alot of my overhead movements I have to properly space the plates in between the beams at the top of the rep so the weights don’t go through the floor. I have to wait until my son takes his nap so I can train. I work alot of overtime with 2 kids,wife,and a house. If you want it bad enough you have to make the time and to me training is my time to unleash all the frustrations and shit that you deal with on a daily basis. Plus I LOVE TO TRAIN. You are right Travis people need to grow a sack and start training with the “old school” mentality otherwise there is going to be a nation of people that just can’t handle any kind of pain and keep moving. Thanks for your time and enduring the rant.

  • Ryan

    Great post travis

    I’m gonna share this on Facebook. Too many people in the environment where I train are like this. Need to stop making excuses and get s**t done