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Secret Strength Technique of Old-Time Strongmen

I’ve got an very interesting and awesome post on STRENGTH from my buddy and fellow strength-addict, Tyler Bramlett, author of the NEW 0-6 Abs Training System. Check it out… Most people think that lifting heavy is the root of building strength. I disagree… A mentor of mine said it so simply, “strength equals tension.” You’re…

110 H.A.M. Radio: 001 Logan Christopher

And here we go! The first of many to come… The 110 H.A.M. Radio Show. In this first episode I’ve got my buddy Logan Christopher. This guy is a straight up bad mo fo that’s super STRONG both physically and mentally and within this special podcast interview you’ll discover how he’s been able harnesses instant…

2 Keys To Squatting Big and Getting STRONGER

When it comes to getting yourself stronger, there’s not many movements out there better than a TRUE Olympic Style Squat. I’ll explain what an “Olympic Style Squat” is here in a minute but I gotta tell ya, ever since I taught myself how to squat right, my overall strength has seriously gone through the freakin’…