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110HAM Radio Performance Nutrition With Jason Phillips

Just a few weeks back I got a personal message on my Facebook. It was from Jason Phillips. At the time I didn’t know a ton about Jason, but as I did a little bit of research, turns out this guy is somewhat of a big deal. When I connected with JP over the phone…

Underground Strength Stone Complex

Wow we got lots of awesome feedback from yesterday’s Underground Strength Circuit that I did with my man Zach Even-Esh. He shot me a text yesterday to let me know his book hit  #1 on some of the Amazon book lists. Freaking amazing as I can’t be more proud for my man Zach. Seriously, if…

Underground Strength Circuit

While up in the mountains of Vermont at Spartan Race HQ I did a whole lot of training with the crew I was with. We cranked early an AM bodyweight / Navy SEAL inspired workout with Joe De Sena at his farm that pushed us both mentally and physically. Joe De Sena’s Farm We did…