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Stones And Density Training

One of my favorite odd-object strength tools has got to be the atlas stone. I LOVE training with these things. While the stones I’ve got aren’t extremely heavy, they’re still a bitch to lift. My small stone which is 176 lbs feel like it’s well over 200 lbs and my heavier stone which is a…

3 Tweaks To Keep Your Workout INTENSITY High

Now, I know the feeling… Sometimes you look at a workout and the first thing you may think is, “Sh*t, I can’t lift that much!” OR maybe you think… “Sh*t!  I can’t do (insert your “favorite” movement here)” In that 2nd situation, usually we’re referring to muscle ups, pistol squats, HSPU’s, Overhead Squats, Snatch’s, ect.…

The No Matter What Method

Let me be honest here and just say it. We’ve all got that certain movement (or set of movements) that we suck at. It’s no lie. We all have some sort of weakness somewhere whether this be with push ups, pull ups, handstand push ups, pistols squats, muscle ups… What ever that movement may be,…