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How to Build Real Mental Toughness

Get ready to have your mind blown (literally). When it comes to “mental toughness”, most people have totally got it all wrong. Most people think that mental toughness is simply all about just “thinking tough”. Well, there’s a LOT more to it then just that as you’ll be finding out below. Check out this powerful…

Aggressive Strength Journey With Criag M

I can’t even begin to tell you how much this video FIRED ME UP when I got it sent to me just the other day. All I gotta say about this guy is ever since the day I first talked with him he’s simply AMAZED me with his persistent attitude and drive to get himself…

B-Macs Story

B-Mac’s Story: I stumbled on Travis’ UBB 2.0 through an advert on Facebook and assumed it was the usual “Next Greatest”….blah blah blah workout routine.  On further investigation and listening to Travis speak (very directly lol!) I decided to give it a try and so I began my journey.  My first impression of his work…