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Top Kettlebell Tips, Tricks, and Flaws

If I was to get thrown onto a desert island and was given the choice of having just one single strength tool, it would be a close battle between a set of Olympic Rings and a set of Kettlebells. Since I’m writing a post on kettlebells, I’ll say I’d pick the bells And in all…

Why You Should NEVER Take Short Cuts

I can remember the workout well. It was just a few months back. We were doing a brutal setup that involved doing reps of 50, 40, 30, 20, then 10 of Glute Ham Developer Sit Ups (GHDSU’s), Toes To Bar, and Burpees. Yeah, like I said, BRUTAL. Either way, as we pushes ourselves through the…

The TITAN Throwdown

So or the past couple of days I’ve been in Baltimore Maryland working on some BIG projects. It’s been a three-day stint of 14-16 hour days of straight up #dowork. All in good fun of course and even though these have been LONG days, I still make the time to get in a solid training…